There’s a long list of things that are better with Optimal Blue. Most importantly, our profits are up at least 20 bps.
Mark Dunevant, MainSource Bank

Simplify, improve, and grow with end-to-end secondary automation designed for regulated banks

  • Automate the entire secondary function, from content through commitment, with our Enterprise Secondary Marketing Solution
  • Our single, unified technology platform is customizable to where you are today and scalable where you’ll want to go tomorrow
  • Fund growth and improvements with efficiencies from a simplified mortgage process, cost reductions, and an improved gain on sale
  • Improve compliance, eliminate spreadsheets and manual tasks throughout your mortgage process with a provider you can trust
  • Automate locks, re-locks, floats, and expirations to enable service flexibility and control
  • Implement proven pipeline risk management automation for hedging, strategic modeling, and execution

Increase competitiveness, transparency, and profitability by leveraging data

  • Leverage an enhanced mortgage offering that enables growth and differentiates your company from the competition
  • With enterprise automation for pricing, locking, hedging, and committing, your entire business is in sync
  • Enable LOs with a more competitive product lineup and easily determine the best-fit financing option – every time
  • With robust business intelligence capabilities, interactively view operational efficiencies, trends, and competitive position

Automate the details and stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements

  • Leverage automation for compliance with standards, like FASB 133, that require you to report mortgage assets at fair value
  • Innovative note rate hedging capabilities eliminate financial risk and align with the way you do business
  • Streamline engagement with investors like Fannie Mae with automated and embedded commitment integration
  • Empower LOs while ensuring regulatory compliance with the industry’s leading social media compliance solution

Integrate new innovations with ease

  • Look to Optimal Blue’s Integrated Strategic Partner Network as your one-stop-shop for marketplace innovations
  • Innovate faster by integrating with the leading, best-of-breed solutions – mobile, consumer direct, CRM, LOS, and more
  • Optimal Blue clients can leverage advanced, turnkey integrations with leading providers in minutes
  • See how the industry’s most innovative solutions integrate with Optimal Blue through our partner webinar series

Automate social media compliance and stay ahead of the regulators

  • Protect your organization from significant financial loss
  • Leverage a single solution to manage social media audits and monitoring obligations
  • Flexible configuration to support your unique social media policy and procedural needs
  • Seamlessly manage your loan officer’s social media activity and ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements
  • Provide loan officers with an innovative social media publishing app supporting all networks and allowing them to connect, communicate, and engage through one tool
  • Available as a FREE download on iTunes and Google Play
  • Need help with a social media compliance policy? Start here...
    “Developing a Social Media Compliance Policy”

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End-to-End Automation White Paper

End-to-End Automation White Paper

How an Enterprise Secondary Marketing Solution Benefits You