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Big Purple Dot Selects Optimal Blue to Streamline Processes Throughout the Loan Lifecycle

Customer Relations Management (CRM) provider, Big Purple Dot, has chosen Optimal Blue as their partner to integrate accurate product eligibility and pricing data into their platform through the use of Optimal Blue’s advanced API. This highly-anticipated integration will simplify a historically disjointed lead-to-close process, enhancing collaboration and streamlining business processes throughout the loan lifecycle.

As a client driven product and technology platform, Big Purple Dot evolves with the needs and wants of their customer base. “Our clientele has been asking for an Optimal Blue integration for several years,” explained Aldo Sarmiento, President and Chief Technology Officer at Big Purple Dot. “Optimal Blue’s API initiative has provided us the opportunity to make this happen and increases the value of our CRM immensely. We plan to introduce an assortment of dynamic and intriguing tools to the mortgage industry very soon.”

Big Purple Dot is known for their innovation and unrivaled methods that eradicate the communication barriers between the various parties involved in the lifecycle of a mortgage transaction, beginning with the borrower experience. The company has developed an application intake form that can be white-labeled per an originator’s unique UI preference, and the integration with Optimal Blue now guarantees accurate product eligibility and pricing data at this pivotal stage. The integration also allows originators and realtors to funnel leads from any source, arming them with tools to quickly distribute and efficiently close deals, in addition to subsequently managing those relationships after closing. Big Purple Dot also anticipates increased success in client re-targeting.

“Our focus is to develop technology partnerships with companies that are equally motivated to shape the future of the mortgage industry,” said Optimal Blue Strategic Alliances Manager, Chazz Huston. “Adding the CRM platform provided by Big Purple Dot into our technology ecosystem of innovators will serve Optimal Blue customers – and the mortgage industry as a whole – with true lead-to-close management, and beyond.”

Big Purple Dot is a real estate centric, Customer Relations Management (CRM) system that provides services to both mortgage and real estate professionals. From single users to large corporate structures, Big Purple Dot focuses on speed to contact via automatic email and text message technology with an emphasis on task management, to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Big Purple Dot also offers lenders and realtors the ability to collaborate in real time, which promotes better communication, proper lead source tracking, and complete transparency.


Aldo Sarmiento
President and Chief Technology Officer
(949) 223-0900

Robert J. Brandt
Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Alliances
(469) 609-5585