2019.08 Release Notes 08/24/2019

This document provides information about the enhancements and resolved issues included in the 2019.08 release of the family of Optimal Blue products occurring on August 24, 2019.  This release includes:

A continued focus on optimizing the overall health of the system so that we can more efficiently handle increased volume during market surges. In addition, we are committed to improving general load times and workflows across the system. With this release, we will be optimizing the following areas of the system:

  • Historical searches in the Lender site
  • Navigation between pages in the Lender site

These improvements are designed to increase response times for daily workflows and site navigation.  We are also adding additional logging to historical and change request searches to better evaluate where time is spent, so that we can optimize these searches further.

With this release, Optimal Blue is thrilled to announce a new auto-accept option for profile changes, allowing your lock desk to focus only on the changes that need their attention, resulting in significantly reduced turn-times for all post lock changes! With this new option, clients have the ability to auto-accept profile changes that do not impact eligibility or pricing, segmented by investor.

This release also includes further enhancements to our API platform including added functionality for evaluating and processing product change requests, applying historical pricing results, and more!

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August Release Webcast

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