2021.03 06/11/2021 Release Notes and Webcast (includes QM updates)

Optimal Blue will be installing a release to production on June 11, 2021 at 11:59 PM CT. The Optimal Blue system will be intermittently unavailable for up to one hour during the installation of this release. 

Optimal Blue is excited to announce the release of these exciting new enhancements:

  • Selective Release to Production: With the release of this enhancement, users will now be able to choose which changes they have made in the Configuration site will be released to Lender. Releasing all Configuration site updates at the same time is no longer a requirement!
  • Auto Accept by Price: A brand new Lights-Out Lock Desk option that allows you to automate more scenario specific workflows in the Lender site. Users can now script rules to auto accept lock requests based on a price the user selects when locking. This option can be used in combination with any other fields on the Product Search page!
  • Config Site Product Search Custom Fields Updated to Match Lender Site Custom field text, including selection options will be customized to match the Lender site instead of the generic labels used today. 

Please review the June Release Notes for additional information on the enhancements and resolved issues included with this release.

The recorded webcast includes information on this release as well as the system updates being made to meet impending changes to the General Qualified Mortgage definition and new GSE requirements (begins at 38:42). Access the QM presentation deck here.

June 2021 Release Webcast – Optimal Blue PPE

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