Accepting a Lock Request

This article describes how to accept a lock request for a selected loan. If desired, you can validate pricing for the loan product before locking. 

For additional information download the Secondary User Guide. Clients who are integrated with an LOS should refer to the guide provided in the LOS Integrations category for their respective system. 

Accept a Lock Request

You can accept a lock request, even if the pricing requested by your originator does not match the current investor pricing.  

  1. Click the Secondary Options icon for a selected loan.

  1. If necessary, edit the pricing in the Price field in the First Lien Options section. You may want to edit the price field if the pricing validation was not successful.

  1. Click the Accept Lock button.

The system updates the status field to “Locked”, updates the loan with the accepted price and expiration date, and sends an email to the originator to indicate that the lock has been accepted.  

  1. After you have completed your work on a file, release the selected loan by clicking the Secondary Queue tab, finding the selected loan, and clicking the Release link.  

WARNING: In order to release the selected loan, you must click the Release link, select another loan, or log-out of Optimal Blue. If close your browser without logging out of Optimal Blue or manually releasing a selected loan, all users, regardless of access level, will be locked out of the loan for 15 minutes.

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