This document list frequently asked questions regarding our Optimal Blue API. The questions and answers are also listed below.

API Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What type of technology infrastructure/framework are you using for your API?

A: We built our API off the Microsoft Azure Platform and are  leveraging the Azure Developer Tool and API Management Portal.

Q:  What type of authentication method are you using?

A: We are using the OAuth 2.0 Client Credential Flow  authentication methodology. (This is an industry standard).

Q:  What does your API offer?

A: We released two API products with the first phase of  deployment, both focused on quoting functionality. One is a direct to consumer,  Best Execution workflow and the other is more LO oriented workflow that will  provide full results. (See the Scenario Pricing section of the API  documentation for more detail).

The second phase of our API release added support for managing  loans in the Optimal Blue pipeline and submitting the initial lock request. For those Encompass SDK/Select integrated users on our new Azure platform, you are  also able to keep the Optimal Blue data and Encompass data in sync with our new  Encompass endpoints. (See the Pipeline and Lock Management section of the API  documentation for more detail).

Q:  What kind of documentation do you offer?

A: Our Developer Portal houses our swagger documentation, along  with interactive calls so you can see how the calls through the API are  structured and what types of responses you can expect. 

Q:  How can I get access to your Developer Portal?

A: Please visit https://digitalmarketplace.optimalblue.com/  and click the Sign-Up button. You will receive an email advising of your  approval into the portal.

Q:  What are some common uses for your API?

A: Our API can be used for anything your company wishes when it  comes to quoting. People can use it for pricing displayed on their website, collaboration portals between bank and borrower, real estate marketing  materials and so forth. Many of our 3rd party providers utilize our API as well.

Q: Why am I getting a 401 Unauthorized error when attempting to try out a call on the developer portal?

A: Please remember to set the Marketplace Authentication Server to “Client Credentials” before sending the request. This will simulate the Client Credential flow by assigning a token to your request behind the scenes.

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