Auto Locking is not working – Internal


The Entity Preference “Do you want to automatically lock loans…” is set to “Yes”, but some loans are not auto locking.


1) Confirm the entity preference is set to yes for the business channel in question

2) If you have an example loan, check in Historical Research if the loan is failing the QM check.

3) If the loan in question is failing QM, check the QM settings for that business channel.  Is the Auto Accept option set to ‘Do Not Auto Accept Non-QM Loans’?

This is more common recently with Government loans. Currently in OB, the financed MIP / Funding Fee / G-fee is being used in the QM analysis.  This was not an issue before customers moved to the enhanced loan amount calculations, as we were not previously able to include the financed MI in the QM calculation.  Tech Case 188075 was opened to add the ability to remove the financed MI from the QM calculation.  Please add this customer to Customer Demand if applicable. 


If the QM is what is causing the loan to not auto-accept, present the option to the customer of either changing the QM setting, or leaving as is with the understanding that these loans will need to be manually accepted.

If the QM policy is not the cause, and you have confirmed the entity preference is turned on for that business channel, open a TR.

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