Calyx Point – PMI/MIP/FF/G Fee% still has a value but it shouldn’t


Customer is reporting that a loan which should not have up-front MI, but in the Total Loan Amount section, there is a value in the PMI/MIP/FF/G Fee% field.  For Calyx Point users this could cause difficulty because the fields in OB should be read-only.


This is typically caused when a loan has been changed from a conventional loan with up-front MI, or government loan, to a conventional loan without up-front MI, and the values in Calyx Point were not completely updated.


With the Total Loan Amount fields locked down, they’ll need to make the following updates in Point, then launch back out to OB.

In Point, they should enter a “0.000” in the MIP, FF, PMI, USDA field as seen below.  Then click OK, save the loan, then launch out to OB.  This will provide zeroes in the PMI/MIP/FF/G Fee% field in OB.

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