Configuration Site Navigation Basics

This article describes the basics for navigating the Optimal Blue Configuration site.

When logging into Optimal Blue with secondary user credentials, you will land on the Website Selection screen. Here, the secondary user can select the Configuration button to access the site.

Once the Configuration button is clicked, the user will land on the Entity Selection page in the Configuration site.

Entity Selection Screen Layout

All the entities will be on the left side of the screen.


An entity can be defined as a group of users or an investor. Business channels are entities are in black text and group users together.

You will see a Corporate entity, where the secondary users will reside, and you will see the children entities, where the Loan Officers will reside.

All locks originated from the children entities will flow up to the Corporate entity and can be viewed by Corporate / Secondary users.


The investor entities are in green text and each investor will have a product tree. Optimal Blue guideline specialists have built your investor products with applicable eligibility rules and adjustments. Those rules can be viewed in each investor entity.


How to Navigate in the Configuration Site

1.Users can navigate to different screens via the tabs at the top of the screen (Product Search, Support Tickets, Updates, etc.) 


2. Users can utilize the sub-navigation menu under the tabs to access the various activities that can be performed on each entity.


3. Users can also use the Activity Selection on the right-hand side of the Entity Selection screen. The Activity Selection options will mirror the sub-navigation screens. 


Activity Selection

The Activity Selection screens will change based on the entity selected (business channel or investor). This is because the configuration is different for an investor entity than it is for a business channel entity.


The Activity Selection will also change when the user navigates to an investor’s Manage Products screen. This is because when viewing the activities within the selected investor’s product tree, the configuration will be at a product set or product level.

Navigation Tips

Users should not use the forward and backward browser buttons when navigating through the Configuration Site. 

Users should not have more than one session of Optimal Blue open at the same time.

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