Configuration Site – Product Activities (Layer 3)

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Course Overview

The Configuration Site – Product Activities Training introduces you to the features that can be performed at the Product Set or Product level by the internal Optimal Blue Administrator. In this course, you will study how to configure investor specific markups, overlays and product offering within Optimal Blue. The course covers the following main areas: 

  1. Investor Specific Markups / Product (Set) Preferences 
  2. Custom Guideline Document Linking 
  3. Scripted Rules/Grids for Eligibility, Adjustments, and SRP – Making an Overlay 
  4. Pricing Source / Filters for Product Search 
  5. Set Products to Best-Ex Only / Deactivate Products 
  6. Support Tickets 
  7. Announcements / Updates / Chat and FAQ

Lesson 1: Investor Specific Markups / Product Preferences and Filters Preferences / Custom Document

  • Markups at the Investor level 
  • Product Preferences and Filters – Edit the name and/or the code for a product or product set; configure when a product will return in a search; configure custom product categories 
  • Document Linking / Add Custom Document- Upload custom documents and link them to a product or product set 

Lesson 2: Eligibility / Adjustments / SRP / Rule Summary

  • Eligibility / Adjustments / SRP- Making an overlay to a Rule or Grid 
  • Rule Summary- One stop shop 

Lesson 3: Pricing Source

  • Pricing Source- Verify base pricing in Optimal Blue matches the current investor rate sheet 

Lesson 4: Best-Ex Only / Deactivate Products

  • Best-Ex Only- Set products to only be visible by secondary users 
  • Deactivate Products- Remove products 

Lesson 5: Support Tickets / Announcements / Updates / Help

  • Support Tickets- Submit a ticket to the support team and communicate via the ticket; Accuracy Guarantee 
  • Announcements- alert emails with important investor updates kept in a log 
  • Updates- Monitor investor changes being completed in Optimal Blue; Did Optimal Blue receive the change? Are they working on the change? When is the estimated completion time for the change? 
  • Chat & FAQ – View videos and user guides for several features

Printable Overview:

Optimal Blue Training Course Overview: Configuration Site – Product Activities (Layer 3)

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