Configuring Price Concession Rejection Reasons

Price concession rejection reasons can be added to your price concession policies using the Rejection Reason tab on the Configuration site Change Request – Price Concessions activity page. Refer to the Configuring Price Concession Change Requests user guide for additional information.


Adding Rejection Reasons

On the Rejection Reasons tab, configure the rejection reasons text and indicate if comments are required for each reason. 

  1. Click the Add Reason button. 
  2. Enter a name for the new rejection reason in the Rejection Reason Text box. The reason text will save on any subsequent mouse click.
  3. Select the Require Comments option if desired. 

Click the Delete icon to remove a rejection reason. You can also drag and drop the list of rejection reasons to re-order them.

Entity Assignment

After you add rejection reason, you can assign them to business channel entities using the following methods:

  • The Display Rejection Reasons drop-down menu can be used to filter to entities where the Display Rejection Reasons toggle is set to Yes or No. 
  • To update settings for all entities – Click the Entity checkbox at the top of the panel to select all entities, then use the “Set Rejection Reason Display for Selected Entities” drop-down menu to either enable or disable the rejection reasons and click the Update Assignments button. 
  • To update the settings for a single entity – Click the Display Rejection Reasons toggle for the corresponding entity to enable or disable rejection reasons and click the Update Assignments button.

Once policies are set, rejection reasons will be available for selection in the Reject Concession workflows for both Price Concession Portal users and Secondary/Lock Desk users.

Please Note: If there are no rejection reasons assigned to a business channel entity, the concession workflow will allow a rejection to be processed without selecting a reason.

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