Custom Products User Guide

Optimal Blue allows you to create your very own products. This guide describes the steps needed to create a custom portfolio investor and products to return in the search results.

Custom Products User Guide

Custom Product Scripting

  1. Contact Optimal Blue Client Services to have a custom investor entity added to your site.
  2. Select your custom investor entity at the Hierarchy screen. (Label this entity “Custom Products” in the entity description field on the Entity Preferences screen.)
  3. Select Manage Product Sets either at the top or side navigation menu.
  4. Select the plus sign and “Add a new” at the top of the product tree.

Adding Product Sets

  1. Product (Set) Name field- Type the product set being added.
  2. Type – select the “Product set” radio button. (This designation cannot be edited later.)
  3. Product Set Parent- Select the group heading this program will appear under in your product set.

Adding Products

  1. At the Product Set Preferences screen select the dial button for “Add Reference Product (Streamlined)”
  2. Product Name – Name you want listed in the product tree
  3. Product Code- Type the code for the program being added.
  4. Rule & Pricing Source Entity – Select the investor from the drop-down menu which will be referenced for eligibility/adjustment rules and pricing.
  5. Rule & Pricing Source Product- Select the specific program from the above selected investor which will be the specific source for eligibility rules and pricing.
  6. Click the “Add Product” button.

Note: Pricing Outputs must be enabled for investors whose products you wish to reference in the drop down lists noted above. Contact Client Services for additional information.


  1. Overlays can be made at any level of the product tree. Visit Eligibility or Adjustments activity.
  2. Pricing Source can be configured to allow a custom price file.
  3. Visit Product Set Preferences and Filters for Product Search to ensure products are coded correctly for loan type, loan term, ARM caps, etc.
  4. Visit Configuration Status on the Entity Selection screen to review where all products are sourced.

When a program is ready to be rolled out (made available for searching):

  1. Select “Configuration Status” from the top navigation menu.
  2. Locate the new program(s) in the listing.
  3. Confirm the sources are accurate for Eligibility, Adjustments, SRPs, and Pricing.
  4. Select the check box in the “Product Roll Out” column.
  5. Select the “Roll-Out Selected Products” button at the top right of the listing.

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