Encompass Best Practices – Integration Configuration

This article describes Encompass integration configuration best practices.

New Business Channels

  • When adding new business channels, make sure to review Configuration site settings such as markups and dynamic markups, as well as Lender site settings such as Entity Preferences and Emails.
  • Consult with Optimal Blue Client Services to review the settings that will need to be configured, including our Fields to Not Export.

Test Environment

  • Optimal Blue can be configured with multiple Encompass environments, including both production and test.
  • This allows for customers to have access to Encompass’ testing environment and be able to test new versions of Encompass with Optimal Blue.
  • The best practice is for the testing environment to mirror the Encompass production environment.
  • Copying production loans cannot be used in test.

Encompass Auto Numbering

  • It is a best practice to use the Encompass auto-numbering feature as Optimal Blue cannot allow any pushes to Encompass (Update Encompass or Request Lock) unless the Encompass Loan Identifier is received from Encompass.

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