Encompass Best Practices – TPO

This article describes Encompass TPO integration best practices including requesting locks, TOP confirmations and broker access.

Requesting Locks

  • You cannot request a lock in Optimal Blue without first creating a loan in the TPO portal via New Loan or by accessing an existing loan from the TPO portal pipeline. A 1003 must be saved in the portal for a new lock to be requested.

TPO Confirmations

  • If you are using a one to many setup with Optimal Blue and TPO, there is only one email address in Optimal Blue which is shared by all the brokers assigned to that price group. Therefore, we recommend using one of the alternatives below:
    •  Optimal Blue Lock form can be sent to an e-folder and accessed by broker in the portal.
    •  Optimal Blue Client Services can add an email address field to the lock form (special email field) that will allow the originator to input the email address where they want their lock confirmation sent. The email address field should be marked as a required field on the lock form.
    •  Optimal Blue Confirmations can be sent to the lock desk to then be distributed to brokers.
    •  Use Encompass Notifications.
  • If you are using a one-to-one set up with Optimal Blue and TPO you can use Optimal Blue’s email notifications for your brokers.

Broker Access

  • Access to Optimal Blue directly by a broker is not permitted as brokers should NOT know their Optimal Blue username or password.
  • Brokers should always access Optimal Blue from the TPO portal.

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