Encompass customer unable to validate credentials under my settings tab.

If the customer has verified that the credentials they are inputting in the My Settings tab are correct, but it is still returning as Invalid, there are 2 probable issues

Client Advisor to Verify:

Verify the URL in Blue Services for the customer matches the customer’s Encompass URL.


If URL matches, the IP address restriction configuration is most likely the cause

Action by Customer:

Customer to verify the IP address restriction configuration allows the IP addresses defined in the Encompass Select Setup Procedures. If customer is not restricting IP addresses or has all of our IP addresses configured, please open a Tech Request.

Delete above and send to customer:

Could you check two items for me in Encompass?

  1. What is the Encompass URL you are using (I will confirm it matches what we have)
  2. Do you have IP address restrictions configured in Encompass? (This can be found by visiting Settings Manager in Encompass Admin Tools). If “Allow access from certain IPs” is set to ‘Enabled’, that could cause a user to not be able to validate if they are accessing via an IP address that is not allowed.