Encompass Error: LO is unable to perform a change request. Loan is Locked or Lock Pending in Encompass, but Registered in OB

Loan Officer launched from Encompass on a Locked or Locked Pending loan (displayed as Locked or Lock Pending in Encompass) and the Optimal Blue status is showing as Registered. LO is unable to perform a Change Request if navigating to that screen. 


Optimal Blue status mapping is incorrect indicating that something was not correctly integrated. The Loan Officer most likely came out to Optimal Blue on the Locked or Lock Pending Loan from Encompass flipping the status back to Registered in Optimal Blue therefore removing it from the Secondary Queue. 

Action by CA: 

Please see Integrations or open a Tech Request 

Delete above and send to customer: 

This is most likely caused by an error when the entity was integrated with Encompass.  I am reaching out to our Integrations team for review.  I will keep you updated as I have more information, or if Integrations has further questions.

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