Encompass Error: Lock Request for Optimal Blue loan Index #### was not received by Encompass

Occurs when Secondary is selecting the loan from the Secondary Queue in Optimal Blue. (Optimal Blue loan index would be different.) 


LO lock request did not get accepted by Encompass so when Optimal Blue is trying to select the loan and retrieve data from Encompass, the lock request does not exist in Encompass. The LO did not receive the pop-up screen displaying imported fields when they requested the lock. The screen most likely froze on the LO. This is not a SDK error. It is noticed more as Secondary is working from the Secondary Queue in Optimal Blue. In non-SDK customers are launching out from Encompass from the Secondary Lock Tool on the Lock Requested lock which would not exist if the lock request was not pushed to Encompass 

Delete above and send to Customer

This error occurs when Optimal Blue did not receive the retrieve call from Encompass when the LO requested the lock therefore the lock request action in Encompass did not occur. We have seen this with other customers and have contacted Ellie Mae. They have recognized this as an issue occurring on their end and are working to understand the cause. In the meantime, Secondary can send the lock request to Encompass which will push the lock request or set the loan status back to Registered in Optimal Blue which will allow the LO to request a new lock on this loan. 

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