February 3, 2023 Release – Empower Integration

The following enhancements were included in this release:

Configuration Report for AMI Percentage Scriptable Variable  

A new Configuration site report, Scriptable Variable for AMI Percentage, is available to identify any rules, grids, and matrices utilizing the AMI Percentage variable as a condition for the selected entity.

High-Cost Area Scripting Variable

The new High-Cost Area scripting variable that was made available for internal teams with our January 20th Release is now available for clients to script rules for Eligibility, Adjustments, and SRPs for high-cost areas in 2023 and beyond. This variable can be used in conjunction with the AMI updates released on December 21, 2022.

FHA Case # Endorsement Field Removed

The FHA Case # Endorsement field will be removed from the Configuration site search form, Lender forms, and from the list of variables available for scripting. This variable is no longer used in existing Optimal Blue content.

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