Lender Site – Administration

**To schedule this training, contact your Optimal Blue Client Success Manager.** 

Course Overview

The Lender Site – Administration Training introduces you to the customization functionality designed for the internal Optimal Blue Administrator. In this course, you will study the multiple settings for customizing the look & feel of the site and information displayed to the Originator through Optimal Blue. The course covers the following main areas: 

  1. Managing Users, Branches & Broker Companies 
  2. Entity Preferences / Look & Feel / Header/Footer 
  3. Search Results – 2 Styles, 12 tabs 
  4. Header Customization for LO Pipeline & Secondary/Lock Desk 
  5. Dropdown Options / Email Templates 
  6. Lock Exp Alert / Lock Extensions / Processors 
  7. Compliance Checklist / Exception Request / MI
  8. Change Requests / Price Concessions

Lesson 1: Managing Users, Branches & Broker Companies

  • Managing Users’ Login Credentials and Access Level / Password Reset / Moving Users 
  • Managing Branches/Broker Companies / Assigning Users to a Branches/Broker Companies 
  • Managing Service Accounts
  • Login Report 

Lesson 2: Entity Preferences / Look & Feel / Header/Footer

  • Display Options / Locking Options / Email & System Notification Options 
  • Color Scheme / Logo / Wait Graphic 
  • Custom Message of the Day / Footer Email / Search Results Pricing Disclosure 

Lesson 3: Search Results – 2 Styles, 12 Tabs

  • Origination Style Tabs- Full Listing / Top Products / Comparison / Best Pricing 
  • Origination Style Admin- Add, Remove, Reorder, Relabel Tabs or Fields 
  • Traditional Style- Full Listing / Top Products / Comparison / Best Pricing 
  • Traditional Style Admin- Add, Remove, Reorder, Relabel Tabs 

Lesson 4: Header Customization for LO Pipeline & Secondary/Lock Desk

  • Configure headers viewable in LO Pipeline View 
  • Configure headers viewable in Secondary/Lock Desk/Change Request Queue 

Lesson 5: Drop-down Options / Email Templates

  • Configure elements inside Drop-down fields on the Product Search Form 
  • Customize information contained in each notification email generated from Optimal Blue 

Lesson 6: Lock Exp Alert / Lock Ext / Processors

  • Configure when Lock Expiration Alert notification emails are sent to Originators 
  • Create internal lock extension policy drop-down list to be applied by Secondary users through the Secondary Options page 
  • Assign Loan Officers to Processors for pipeline access

Lesson 7: Compliance Checklist / Exception Request / MI / Change Requests / Price Concession

  • Enable/Customize Compliance Checklist Questions and Required Answers/Comments 
  • Enable/Configure Exception Request Feature 
  • Enable/Configure integration with Mortgage Insurance companies: Arch, Radian, Essent, Genworth, MGIC, National

Lesson 8: Change Requests / Price Concessions

  • Configure the fields that display on the Change Request submission and confirmation screens
  • Configure the reasons and default setting for the Price Concession Request form

Printable Overview:

Training Course Overview – Lender Site – Administration

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