Lender Site – Secondary Experience

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Course Overview

The Lender Site – Secondary Experience Training introduces you to the functionality specifically designed for the Secondary Marketing user in Optimal Blue. In this course, you will study the process involved in managing the lock desk; accepting/rejecting lock requests, performing best execution at the loan level and accessing historical information for extending or revising a lock. The course covers the following main areas: 

  1. Best Execution 
  2. Secondary Queue / Lock Desk Management 
  3. Historical Features 
  4. Change Requests 
  5. Reporting and Additional Features

Lesson 1: Evaluating Best Execution

  • Access to Additional Products / True Investor Data / Profit 
  • Direct Link to Investor Website 
  • Attach Investor Commitment/Sell-Side Data to the Loan 
  • Notes 

Lesson 2: Secondary Queue / Lock Desk Management

  • Validate Pricing / Investor Rate Sheet Status 
  • Accept or Reject Lock Requests 
  • Change Adjustments / Override Status 
  • Change Request Permissions / Exception Requests 
  • Apply Extension / Notes 

Lesson 3: Historical Features

  • Price Trace / Loan History 
  • Historical Ratesheets 
  • Historical Research 

Lesson 4: Change Requests

  • Change Request Queue 
  • Accept/Reject Change Requests 
  • Historical Research prior to accepting a Change Request 

Lesson 5: Reporting and additional Secondary Features

  • Auto-Refresh, Audio & Visual Queues / LO Pipelines 
  • 2ndary Loan Export / Configuration Views 
  • Reporting 
  • Re-assign Loan / Re-activate Loan 
  • Configuration Site / Rate Sheets 
  • News & Announcements

Printable Overview:

Optimal Blue Training Course: Lender Site – Secondary Experience

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