LO Compensation Reports

Optimal Blue provides reports to assist you in determining information about LO compensation schedules, including which users are assigned to specific LO compensation schedules and the amount of compensation received by loan officers (by month and loan number).

LO Comp Schedules Assigned to a User

Use this report to view which LO compensation schedules have been assigned to a user. You can view the schedules for a user for a selected date (including the current date) or all schedules. If you need to view compensation simultaneously for multiple users or need additional information, such as which user made the schedule change, use the configuration reports described in LO Compensation Change History/Assigned Compensation Schedules 

  1. Select User Compensation Schedule Assignment from the Activity Selection menu.

  2. Find users by clicking on of the following buttons:

  • To find a single user, click the Select one User button, enter search criteria in at least one field, and click the Find User button.

  • To find a group of users, click the Select a Group of Users button, check the appropriate filter criteria check-boxes, and click the Apply Filter button.You can search for users by one or more of the following categories:entity, broker company/branch, access level, assigned schedule, or product category.

  1. Click the user name in the search results who LO compensation schedules you want to view.

  2. By default, the system shows LO comp schedules that are effective for the current date.To view which LO comp schedule was assigned to the selected user on a particular date, enter the date into the text box, and click View Schedules for Selected Date.To view the schedules assigned to the user for all dates, click View all Schedules.

  3. To export the results to a spreadsheet, click the Excel icon. 

LO Compensation Change History/Assigned Compensation Schedules

You can access the LO Compensation Change History and the Assigned Compensation Schedules reports from the Configuration site. These reports show the history of the compensation schedules assignments for users and the currently assigned schedules, respectively.

  1. Select Configuration Reports from the Activity Selection menu.

  2. Choose the appropriate entity from the Entity drop-down list.

  3. From the views drop-down list, choose one of the following reports:

  • LO Compensation Change History—Displays the history of the compensation schedules assignments for the users in your system.

  • Assigned Compensation Schedules—Displays the currently assigned schedules for each user.

  1. You can sort the results by clicking the column headers. Click once to sort the column in ascending order. Click again to sort the column in descending order.

  2. To export the data into an Excel spreadsheet, and click the Export button. Click “Open” to review the file immediately, or click Save to save it on your computer.  

LO Compensation Totals

You can use the reporting feature in Optimal Blue to display compensation totals for loan officers by month or for each loan within a selected month.

  1. Access the Optimal Lender site from the website selection screen by clicking the Optimal Lender button.

  2. From Secondary Queue tab, click the Reporting option.

  3. From the LO Compensation Reports section, choose LO Compensation by Loan. This report displays LO Compensation for each by loan officer. You can view total compensation, compensation by month, and compensation for specific loans.

  4. You can run the report by Entity or by Broker Company by choosing the corresponding radio button.

  5. Select the Entity or Broker Company for the report (or choose all entities/broker companies).

  6. Click Run Report.

  7. The report displays the compensation totals for each of your loan officers matching the selected criteria. You can expand the report by clicking the (+) sign to show compensation totals by month or to show the compensation for each loan within the selected month. To collapse the report, click the (-) sign.

  8. To filter the report, choose the appropriate start/end dates and enter the appropriate search criteria, and click View Report. You can search by loan number or loan officer.

  9. To export the results, click the Save icon, and choose the format for your report.

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