Location Based Premiums for Custom Products

Optimal Blue supports pricing premiums based on the location of a property. The Optimal Blue system takes in a mapped address from an LOS or manually added addresses on the Search page (based on your system configuration), verifies the address, and then obtains the Census Tract, CBSA, State and County Codes so that premiums can be added to the pricing available in the search results for applicable scenarios.

Please contact your Client Services Team to to add the applicable fields to your Lender site Profile and Product Search forms. Once these fields have been added, Client Services will notify you to activate the Enable CRA entity preference. It is necessary to add the fields first as once the entity preference is enabled the system will begin evaluating address information that is passed in from the LOS, even if the address fields are not present on the search forms.

For custom products, Configuration site updates are necessary to create an Adjustment Grid and your upload your location based premium source file.

Please see the Location Based Premiums User Guide for complete information on enabling this functionality in your site for your custom products.

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