Managing Change Requests – Secondary User Guide

You can accept or reject a change request submitted by the originator. Change Requests include lock extensions, product changes, float downs, and profile changes. The profile change allows originators to change the loan scenario and select a different rate, product and price for the loan.

Change Requests – Secondary User Guide

This video provides an overview of the Change Request functionality in Optimal Blue::

Accept/Reject a Change Request

To manage any pending change requests, use the following procedure.

  1. From the website selection screen, click the Optimal Lender button.

  2. Click the Changes tab.

All loans with pending change requests will appear in the Change Request Queue.

  1. Select the Change History icon next to the appropriate loan in the queue.

  2. On the Change Request History screen, click the View Details link next to the pending change request.

The system displays the original values and the changed values for the change request. The original values display with a strike-through. The new values display in red.

  1. The changes associated with this change request are selected by default. Uncheck the checkboxes next to any field that you do not want to change.

  2. If necessary, change the loan level adjustment values for the loan. You can edit or delete existing values, or you can add additional loan level adjustments.

  3. Perform one of the following tasks:

  • To accept the change request and update the loan, click Accept. When the confirmation window displays, click OK. The system sets the change request status to “Accepted” and sends an automated email to the loan officer.
  • To deny the change request, click the Reject button.When the confirmation window displays, click OK. The system sets the change request status to “Rejected” and sends an automated email to the loan officer.
  • To perform historical research to evaluate worse case pricing, click the Research button.
  • To return to the change history summary screen without making changes, click the Back button.
Integrated customers only –
  1. If you accepted the change request, you must update the LOS with the new values. To do this, navigate to the Secondary Options page by clicking the Secondary Options icon.

  2. Then, click the Save Updates to LOS button.


Update Sell-Side Pricing

After a change request approval, you may need to update your sell-side pricing. Optimal Blue allows you to search for historical pricing based on current market, lock request date, or lock accepted date. To update the sell-side pricing information, use the following procedure.

  1. Select a loan in your secondary queue, and click the 2ndary Best-Ex button.

  2. Select the appropriate value from the drop-down in the Historical Pricing Options section, and click Re-Submit to rerun sell-side pricing based on the selected date.

  3. To choose a product for your sell-side, select the product name, or click the Show link.

  4. Select a rate from the grid. The information that you select displays below the LO selected product in the Best Ex Options section.

NOTE: If necessary, you can edit the Investor Price.

  1. If enabled, you can launch the Investor’s website in a new browser window by clicking the Investor Website icon in the Links column. The investor website displays in a new tab in your browser, where you can make the appropriate changes to the investor lock.

  2. To save the historical updates made to the investor sell-side information, select the Save Updates button located in the Sell Side Change Adjustments section.

NOTE: The Optimal Blue platform does not currently interact with any of the investors’ lock desks. You are responsible for locking the loan directly with your investor.

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