Managing Users – Loansifter

Users with Subscription Management Permissions can manage the permissions on existing users as well as add or cancel users. To access the User Management page, select Subscriptions and then click the User Management tab.


Adding a User

The Invite New User screen is used to add a new user’s information and add a user to your company account. Users added through this process are billed to the company account. 

Alternately, if you prefer that users pay for their own account, they can register for their own Loansifter access at Users that register using the company NMLS number can subsequently request to have their account delegated to the company account, which will allow them to inherit the company settings. Please see the Delegating Administration article or Loansifter Administrator Guide for additional information.

New users will not have access to update your Loansifter company settings (LO comp, approved investors, Price Manager settings) unless permission is specifically granted. Permissions can be given to a new user at creation or assigned later by editing the user’s permissions.

  • Select New User on the Subscription Management page to open the Invite New User screen.
  • Type in the name, email address and user ID information. The select box allows you to set the Email Address as the User ID or you can create one. User IDs must be unique system wide.
  • Select the User Permissions level(s):
    • Subscription Management: Provides access to the User Management functions.
    • Investor Content Management: Provides access to configure Licensed States, Request Investors and configure Loan Officer Compensation
  • Select Send Invite.

Edit User Permissions

Select Manage Permissions to modify the User Permissions granted to any existing user.


Cancelling a User

To cancel a user, select Cancel User and confirm the cancellation in the pop-up box. This will immediately terminate access for that user. Refunds are not issued for the remainder of the current billing period. The next bill cycle will not include a charge for  the cancelled user.