May 19, 2023 Optimal Blue PPE Mobile App for iOS v1.1.2 Release

Version 1.1.2 of the Optimal Blue PPE Mobile App for iOS was released Friday, May 19th, 2023. The following enhancements were contained in this release:

Search Form Property Info Zip Code Lookup

The zip code lookup tool has been modified to enhance the user experience and better support multi-county zip codes.

Search Form – FHA TLA – Add FHA Case # Assigned Date

We have added the FHA Case Number Assignment Date to the Total Loan Amount pop-up window. The FHA Case Number Assignment Date is defaulted to today’s date for FHA scenarios when saved, so the date stays current.

Display Version Number

The version number of the app will be displayed at the bottom of the flyout menu on the Saved Scenarios Dashboard.

Lead Source Added to Search Form

We have added the Lead Source to the Additional Info page of the Search Form. The Lead Source will display for all users and will be defaulted to a blank value.

Custom Fields to Show Numeric Keyboard Instead of Alpha Keyboard

Custom numeric fields will now display a numeric-only keyboard instead of an alphanumeric keyboard.

Custom Fields to Display and Send Default Values

Custom numeric fields will now display the default value for the custom field instead of a blank value. For assistance with configuring default values for custom fields, please contact your Client Services Team.

Keyboard Input Updated to Decimal Format for DTI and Price

We have resolved an issue where users were not able to input decimal values for the numeric fields DTI and Target Price.

Please Note: Users must be provisioned access in the Optimal Blue PPE to access the system from the app. Please see our Provisioning Access to the OB Mobile App for iOS user guide for details.

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