May 2022 Release

Consumer Rate Quoting Tool Now Available in Loansifter

We are pleased to announce a new feature in Loansifter that will allow consumers visiting your website to receive customized rate quotes based on their criteria and the best pricing from your investors – in real time! It only takes minutes to configure, has the customization capabilities you have asked for, and can easily be installed on your website. See a sample Quick Quote here.


The Quick Quote feature can be added to your Loansifter subscription by visiting the Subscriptions page and enabling Quick Quote for just $200 per month. Once enabled, create your very own instance – our Quick Quote Set Up Guide provides instructions to assist you.

Searching for Jumbo or Non-QM (Expanded Guidelines) Programs?

Not sure how to search for Jumbo or Non-QM products in Loansifter? To search for jumbo products, set the Loan Type field to Conventional. The system returns the products you desire using the loan amount entered. You do not have to figure out if it is a standard conventional loan, a high balance product, or a jumbo offering – we do the work for you! To search for a Non-QM product, or Expanded Guidelines as we call them, set the Loan Type field to Expanded Guidelines. A new section of the Search page will open below the standard search tiles, where you can provide all the details necessary to return the Expanded Guideline products that your borrower is looking for!

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