MortgageBot Custom Investor Name not pushing – Internal


If a MortgageBot customer has a portfolio/proprietary investor entity in OB, and does not have that same name listed as an investor in MortgageBot, the integration will not map to the Sell-Side Lock form in MortgageBot.


ABC Mortgage has a custom investor entity called ABC Specialty Products.  In that entity they have built out products for investors that are not available in OB.  When a loan from that entity is locked, in the 2ndary Best-Ex page, the investor is ABC Specialty Products.  If the customer does not have ABC Specialty Products listed as an investor in MortgageBot, the investor name will be blank when the sell side push goes through.

Customer Request:

Is there a way we can select the actual investor name instead of ABC Specialty Products.  That way when the 2ndary push goes through, it will populate in MortgageBot?

Out-of-the-Box solution:

  1. For each investor that is not already an investor entity, add a new investor entity (Add Lender as Investor in Workbench).
  2. The new entity should be named exactly the same way it is listed in MortgageBot.
  3. In Entity Preferences, add “Mbot Mapping Only” in the description, and check the ‘Display Entity Description…’ option
  4. Edit the Investor field on 2ndary Best-Ex form to Read/Write.

Suggested Secondary work flow for locks on products from the proprietary investor:

  1. In the Best-Ex page, populate the sell side product/pricing.
  2. Select the correct investor name from the Investor drop-down. 
  3. Click Lock w/ Investor to save the info and push the sell-side data to MortgageBot.

Contributed by Ker Yang

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