Non-Standard Loan Term Workgroup – Sent 9/24/19

Important Update

Please be advised:

Optimal Blue is excited to announce a new workgroup to discuss supporting non-standard loan terms. As you may be aware, workgroups are designed to gain insights from clients while defining products that will soon be in development. Based on customer feedback, we know that supporting non-standard loan terms is vital to some of your businesses. Non-standard loan term functionality includes giving customers the ability to configure what products will allow loan terms other than the product defined term and give users the ability to search for specific loan terms when running searches in the Lender Site. For example, a Conforming 30 year product could be configured to allow a 27 year term and when that term is searched, the Conforming 30 year product would return. This functionality would also retain the term that was used when searching and pass that back and forth between the LOS and Optimal Blue if integrated.
If you are passionate about this feature, please email and ask to join the non-standard loan term workgroup. You can also reach out to Client Services and ask them to add you to the workgroup.
The Optimal Blue Team

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