Pricing Status/Import Screen

The pricing status/import screen allows you to view a specific investor rate sheet status. Optimal Blue checks for investor rate changes every 5-10 minutes.

Pricing Status Import

  1. From the Entity Selection tab in the configuration site, choose the investor for which you want to view the pricing status.

  2. Choose Pricing Status/Import option from the activity selection menu on the right.

  3. The investor status section tells you the following information:

  • Investor name

  • Last Timestamp Check—The last time the Optimal Blue automated system went to this investor’s website to check for rate sheet updates.

  • Last Investor Timestamp—The timestamp on the last investor’s rate sheet downloaded by Optimal Blue.

  • Last Rate Sheet Download—The last time Optimal Blue downloaded this investor’s rate sheet.

  • Last Processed Time—The last time Optimal Blue processed this investor’s rate sheet and made it available to you on your Web site.

  • Last Activation—This field indicates the last time Optimal Blue processed this investor’s rate sheet.
    • If the rate sheet displays in green, the rate sheet is active. The rate sheet remains active until the investor expires pricing, reprices, or is manually expired at the system level by Optimal Blue. The rate sheet status does not indicate the status of your products. You can expire your products while the rate sheet remains active.  However, you can only activate pricing if the rate sheet is active. 

    • If the rate sheet is in red, the rate sheet is expired. When a rate sheet is expired, your products will expire and you cannot manually active pricing. The Last Activation time does not change when the rate sheet is expired. It still shows the time that the rate sheet was last processed.

  1. The product Status Summary lists the all products and their pricing availability. The system uses the following coloring scheme to identify product status:

  • Green—Active

  • Red—Expired

  • Dark red—Suspended

  • Black—Pricing Unavailable

  • Yellow—Pending Update – No longer an applicable status.

 The timestamps next to each product reflects the last time pricing was active in Optimal Blue.

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