Scratch Pad Mode

Scratch Pad Mode is a feature that allows you to determine how changes to search parameters affect pricing and eligibility without modifying an actual loan record. You can save changes that you make in Scratch Pad mode to the selected loan, or you can exit Scratch Pad Mode without saving. This article describes how to work with a loan in Scratch Pad mode.

Scratch Pad Mode

  1. Select a loan.

  2. Click the Copy Loan to Scratch Pad icon.

The Product Search page for the loan displays in Scratch Pad mode. You can navigate to any icon within the selected loan and you will remain in Scratch Pad mode.

To make sure that you are in Scratch Pad mode, verify that Scratch Pad Mode displays at the top of the screen.  

  1. Make edits to the loan scenario by editing the search criteria on the Product Search and click the Submit button to display the product search results.  

  2. Click the Update Loan From Scratch Pad icon in the loan status bar.

  1. Select which changes you wish to accept or cancel, and choose the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

If you want to exit Scratch Pad Mode without saving any changes, click the Cancel All Changes button.

NOTE: The system stores any changes that you make in the loan history.  For information on how to view the loan history, see the Loan History article.

  1. After you have saved your changes, release the loan by clicking the Secondary Queue tab, and then clicking the Release link.   

If close your browser without logging out of Optimal Blue or manually releasing a selected loan, all users, regardless of access level, will be locked out of the loan for 15 minutes.

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