Scripting Custom Text Messages

This articles describes the steps required to have custom notes and advisory text messages display in the Notes and Advisories section of the search results.

Optimal Blue uses the Notes and Advisories section of the search results to display text messages that may be important for the user to know for specific product(s).

Optimal Blue Secondary users can script their own text message to display in the search results.

Rule Texts

1. Login to the Configuration site by clicking the Configuration button on the web site selection screen.


2. Select the desired investor whose products you want the message to display on. Click the Markup & Rule Texts activity.

3. In the View/Edit Rule Texts section, select Add New Text (this is the default if no other rule texts have been configured).

4. Input a rule title in the first box then type the message as you want it displayed to your users in the second box. Click Update Rule Text to save.

Rule Scripting

1. With the same investor selected, click the Manage Products activity or tab and navigate to the desired product or set you want your text message to display on. Click the Adjustments Activity.

2. Click Add New Grid Set button.

3. Name your grid set. Best practice is to include the entity name, product or set level and rule type (eligibility or adjustment). For example, ‘BB&T Non Conf Adj’ Click Add.

4. With your new grid set selected, from the activity list on the right, click Add Scripted Rule.

5.  Name your rule according to it’s purpose.

6. In the rule editor section, you can click Edit under Conditions if you want you custom message to be conditional on a variable. Otherwise, you can leave it as product default.

7.  Under Action section, click the edit button and from the Action Type drop down locate Attach Text / Label. Next, in the Action Value drop down lists, locate your new rule Text. Click Update to apply.

Note: In addition to the ability make your text messages conditional, you can also add multiple Actions to your rule. Whenever you update an existing action, a new action row will be added.

8. Click Save once you are finished to apply your new rule.

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