Scripting Product Specific Rounding Rules

Optimal Blue offers several ways to round pricing. Dynamic Markups can be used to round by Product Types but rules can be scripted for each investor when you want to round specific products (or product sets).

There are three types of rounding options:

  1. Round Fully Adjusted Pricing to Nearest Eighth
  2. Round Fully-Adj. Pricing to Worse-Eighth
  3. Round Fully-Adj. Pricing to Better-Eighth

Rule Scripting

1. Log in to the Configuration site by clicking the Configuration button on the web site selection screen.

2. Select the desired investor and click the Manage Products activity or tab.

3. Navigate to the desired product or set you want to round pricing for. Click the Adjustments Activity.

4. Click Add New Grid Set button.

User-added image

5. Name your grid set. Best practice is to include the entity name, product or set level and rule type (eligibility or adjustment). For example, ‘BB&T Non Conf Adj’ Click Add.

6. With your new grid set selected, from the activity list on the right, click Add Scripted Rule.

7. Name your rule according to it’s purpose.

8. In the rule editor section, you can Edit the condition if desired or leave it as product default.

9. In the Action Type window select your appropriate rounding strategy and click Update and Save.

*Remember to test to ensure the results fire as you expect before rolling out to the lender site.

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