Scripting Rules Based on Search Type

Eligibility and adjustment rules can be scripted based on where the search is being run.

  • Buy-Side:  will only fire when running a Product Search
  • Sell-Side:  will only fire when running the Secondary Best-Ex Search
  • Consumer Quick Quote:  will only fire for the Consumer Quick Quote
  • Lead Mgt Auto-Quote:  will only fire when running an Auto Quote (IE:  Zillow/Lending Tree/etc)

Add a Search Type Condition to a Rule

1. Login to the Configuration site by clicking the Configuration button on the web site selection screen.

 2.  Select the desired investor whose products you want to apply the Search Type condition and click the Manage Products.

3. Select the product or set where the rule applies that you will add the Search Type condition and click the corresponding Eligibility or Adjustment activity.

4. Select the rule and click View/Edit Rule.

 Note: If you are looking for an existing rule and you are not sure where the rule is located, you can run a search in the Product Search activity by locating the product in the search results and either in the Adjustments or Disqualifier section, click on the Definition link. This will take you to the rule.

If the rule is scripted at a set level, a message will display that states Click here to view/edit rule in set level. In most cases you will want to edit the rule at the set level instead of overlay at the product level.

 5. In the Scripted Rule screen, click the Edit button under Add New Action. Select the Search Type as the variable. Select the Operator and the Search Type from the Value drop down lists. Click Update and Save to apply changes.

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