Selecting Product and Pricing

This article describes how a loan officer selects product and pricing after running a search in Optimal Blue.

For additional information download the Loan Originator User Guide. Clients who are integrated with an LOS should refer to the guide provided in the LOS Integrations category for their respective system.

  1. Review the detailed pricing from the pricing grid on any of the search results tabs, and select the appropriate product, rate, and lock period for your borrower. To proceed to the lock form:

  • On the traditional style search tabs, click the price within the grid.
  • On the origination style search tabs, click the Lock icon next to the rate and product that you want to select.

  1. Click the appropriate option: 

  • Printer Friendly Version — A printer version of the Lock Form displays. Click Print. To return to the Lock Form screen, click the Back button.

  • Save Loan — Save the scenario to your pipeline so that you can quickly check eligibility and pricing information for the borrower again in the future.

  • Register Loan — Choose this option if the user wants to register this loan but is not ready to lock it at this time. Once registered, the status of the loan changes to “Registered” in the pipeline.

  • Request Lock — Request a lock in the system. For more information on the lock process, see the Request a Lock article.

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