TBD Property Address Validation – Internal


A common customer request is a validation where, If a user enters “TBD” in the Property Address field and clicks the Request Lock button when the feature is configured, the system displays a pop-up message indicating the “TBD” is not a valid address”. The lock request will not be submitted. 

If a customer inquires about Property Address Validation, Client Services must quote 2 hours of custom work. Upon receipt of email approval from the customer to proceed, Client Services will open a Tech Request that includes a copy of the written customer approval to proceed as well as the entity IDs for any and all entities for which they would like Property Address validation turned on for. Upon completion, Client Services should test before notifying the customer.

Delete above and send to customer:

We do have the ability to create a validation message that would prevent a user from requesting a lock with “TBD” in the Property address field (See example in screenshot below).  This requires 2 hours of custom work at the contracted rate of <<insert per hour cost from contract>> per hour, for a total of $xxx.  If you agree to this cost, let me know and we’ll get started for you right away.

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