Troubleshooting with LendingTree and LMS

LendingTree says they are not receiving Leads or testing failed?

1. Check the Configuration:

    a. Username/Password set of for the correct PPE (this is maintained at the system level for Loansifter)

    b. Verify Client ID is which is specific to each Broker

    c. Verify the URL/URI for Loansifter to send the request/response to the LMS/CRM (this is optional)

Why didn’t my lead offer pricing/offers?

1. Verify the correct Result filters are set. Loansifter will respond with Offers or NO offers depending on result filters. If the lead if for refinance and they have only included a Loan Purpose of “Purchase” the result will be No Offers. 

Why can’t the broker see the lead in the LMS?

1. Look in quote history to confirm that the Received by LT column for the Lead Quote ID indicates Yes and the LMS Forward column indicates Success

If not, work with the LT or LMS account representative to verify the configuration is set up correctly. 

2. The LMS partner may have IP filtering enabled for security but our services are in Azure, the IPs are essentially all over the North American region so they will need to disable IP filtering for Loansifter brokers. 

We do not currently offer OAuth but may in the future. 

3. Lead Management systems offer email campaigns, call center routing, drip campaigns and more and for that reason, they also have additional workflows that may need to be adjusted or they may have deduping logic that should be reviewed.

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