Using Calyx Point Integration with Loansifter

Calyx Point users can take advantage of our integration with Point to transfer prospective loan information from Point to Loansifter to run a product and pricing search. Loansifter will use the information you entered in Point as the search criteria and you will be able to use Loansifter features such as saving and re-pricing scenarios.

After you have entered prospective borrower and loan information in Point, simply select Interfaces, Product and Pricing and then LoansifterNOW from the vendor list. You will be required to enter your Loansifter Now credentials.

Loansifter will display the Search Results page based on the loan and borrower information you entered in Point. If there is any missing required information, you will land on the search form with the loan and borrower information prefilled. You can then enter any necessary information and re-run the search.

If you change search information in Loansifter, this information will not transfer back to Calyx Point. The integration only allows for information to be transferred from Point to Loansifter.

This feature must be enabled on your account. If you receive an error message stating you do not have permission, please contact your Loansifter Now account owner.

LoansifterNOW is only available in Calyx 10.2 or newer. If you do not see LoansifterNOW in your Product and Pricing Interfaces list in Point, go to the Help menu in Point and run an interface update.

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