Webcast – Industry-standard Fields and Calculations Related to CLTV and HCLTV

Optimal Blue is excited to announce a new enhancement to the Optimal Blue platform, the ability to use industry-standard fields and calculations related to CLTV and HCLTV. These enhancements are driven by our desire to make Optimal Blue even more accurate and intuitive for our clients. This is also an important step in our ongoing initiative to fully support Home Equity Lines of Credit.

Review this recorded webcast to familiarize yourself with these changes in advance of the upcoming release – currently planned for late July – to ensure you are well prepared! Some Optimal Blue clients may need to update scripting to prepare for the sunset of some existing fields. This webinar will provide you with the information you need related to applicable scripting updates, as well as best practices for scripting around CLTV and HCLTV.

Implementing Industry Standard CLTV and HCLTV Calculations

Download the Presentation Slides

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