Why are the changes I made in the Configuration site not appearing for my originators?

Any changes made in the Configuration site that affect pricing or eligibility will not appear in Optimal Lender for your originators until you complete a Release to Production. This gives you a chance to test changes in the Configuration site before allowing your originators to see them. The following are examples of changes that do and do not require an RTP:

Changes Require an RTP Changes Do Not Require an RTP
Eligibility, Adjustments, SRPs Change Request, Lock Extension Settings/Policies
Markups, Delivery Pads Relock Settings/Policies
Pricing Sources, Pricing Outputs Price Concession Settings/Policies
Fee Schedules Activating Pricing
User Defined Lists
Adding & Releasing a New Product
County Configuration

Select the Release Selected Updates to Production activity once you have tested your changes and are ready to roll them out to Optimal Lender. On the Release Updates page, select the Release Type(s) applicable to the changes you have made. Depending upon the volume of updates being released, changes will appear in Lender in approximately 30 seconds to a few minutes.

For more information about releasing selected updates to production, see the Selective Release to Production User Guide. 


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