Enabling the Lending Tree quote subscription requires receipt of payment by Loansifter and is acceptance of the Terms of Use. The payment information Licensee or its agent provides must be accurate and complete, and Licensee agrees to notify us promptly of any change in the payment information. Automated quoting requires the Loansifter account to be current. If payment is declined or the payment information has expired, Loansifter will not process quotes to any integrated services and you will still be responsible for any LendingTree or other Third-Party charges incurred.

1. LendingTree Automated Quoting Charge.

LendingTree Long Form: $300/monthly for the first 575 quotes and $0.40 for each additional transaction.

2. LoanSifter will charge Licensee’s credit card for LendingTree automated quoting on the date of Licensee’s acceptance of this agreement. The initial charge will be pro-rated to align with your existing monthly bill date. This amount is calculated by dividing the monthly fee by thirty (30) days multiplied by the number of days remaining until the next billing is to occur. Subsequent charges will be charged the full monthly fee along with fees for any other active subscriptions to the Loansifter platform. The plan will auto-renew each month until it is removed from the account.

3. LoanSifter provides a LendingTree Configuration page to control your LendingTree quoting status which allows you to Enable or Disable quoting by toggling “Quote Status” of your LendingTree quoting system without stopping incoming LendingTree requests. Note: “disabling Quote Status” for the quoting system does NOT stop the monthly fees charged by Loansifter. Termination rules still apply. See Termination for more details.

4. Licensee is responsible for starting and stopping their automated quoting and a LoanSifter representative will not do this for you.

5. Licensee can configure the forwarding of the LendingTree Long Form response to a third-party lead management system as part of the quoting process. The Loansifter account must be current to forward leads to the lead management system, and LoanSifter is not responsible or in control of any additional charges a third-party system may charge for generating or managing lead data.

6. Due to the real-time nature of automated quoting, LoanSifter retains information related to requests and quotes for a period of fourteen (14) days. All inquiries regarding historical quotes must be made within this fourteen (14) day timeframe since quotes that were produced more than two-weeks previous will have limited, or no, historical data to assist in researching questions or concerns. After a period of fourteen (14) days these quotes are considered “accepted” and cannot be disputed.

Licensee shall pay Loansifter fees and charges for the Products and Services to be provided hereunder (collectively, the “License Fees”) in accordance with the Product and Pricing listed above, as the same may be revised by LoanSifter from time to time during the term of this Agreement, provided that any changes shall only be effective upon thirty (30) days’ notice and will not impact any pre-paid billing periods. The License Fees to apply during any renewal term hereunder shall be as set forth on this document for such Products and Services in effect as of the commencement of such renewal periods.

By Agreeing to these Terms of Use, Licensee agrees to pay for services defined above and termination of services will be permitted by navigating to Loansifter Admin > Subscription Management. Billing and Access to quoting will Terminate immediately without refund for the currently billing cycle.

Licensee’s rights to use the Software may be terminated by Loansifter immediately and without notice if Loansifter is unable to debit Licensee’s or its agent’s card in accordance with this Agreement.


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