LendingTree’s online marketplace connects consumers with multiple lenders, empowering them as they compare and shop across a full suite of loans and credit-based offerings.

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LenderCity is a direct to consumer mortgage rate marketplace (aka rate table) that connects consumers to mortgage brokers/lenders. By connecting their Loansifter account to the LenderCity marketplace, brokers/lenders can display their rates in real-time and compete for a consumer’s business, thus driving more leads to loan originators.

LenderCity keeps both the broker/lender and the consumer anonymous until the consumer is ready to connect. Once they decide to connect, they will provide their name, phone number, and email address where we verify their identity with MFA (multi-factor authentication using a 6 digit code) and we display the lender with whom they are being connected as well as revealing the other lenders competing in the marketplace.

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BankingBridge provides a suite of digital marketing products that all mortgage companies can use to increase website lead conversion, improve website rate display, nurture leads, and close more loans.

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