Work less and originate more with turnkey automation

  • Access the industry’s largest network of investors and manage a competitive offering – today and tomorrow
  • Quote investor product and pricing in real time using one integrated secondary marketing platform
  • Manage profit margins, mark-ups, adjustments, and compensation schedules with ease
  • Monitor unique pipeline scenarios and simultaneously compare for the best execution – every time

Extend your reach, connect with engaged borrowers

  • Create compelling email campaigns that win opportunities
  • Embed live, compliant pricing directly into your website to attract new customers
  • Keep prospective borrowers informed with automated rate updates and rate alerts
  • Stay organized with innovative contact management capabilities that make engagement easy

Seamlessly integrate with the solutions that create leads and close business

  • Benefit from turnkey integration with the leading Loan Origination Systems relied on by today’s mortgage brokers
  • Leverage seamless portability of your secondary solution if you change your Loan Origination System down the road
  • Leverage seamless integration with eQuoting and lead generation capabilities with Bankrate®, LendingTree®, and Zillow® to meet potential borrowers – before your competition

Testimonials from innovative brokers just like you

"LoanSifter uses my investors' data in real-time, automating our workflow and giving us a competitive edge."
– Jack Terrell, California Mortgage Advisors, Inc.

"Optimal Blue’s LoanSifter is very important to our business. The plan is always to increase our business and grow as a company, and I feel LoanSifter will become even more valuable to our operation as the business does improve."
– Edward Rogers, American Nationwide Mortgage Co.

"The pricing capabilities of Optimal Blue’s LoanSifter allow us to stay on top of rates and provide fast quotes to our borrowers. LoanSifter does not press the issue of add-ons, which a lot of other PPE providers do. It’s straight and simple and to the point."
– Erik Jorissen, Cornerstone Mortgage Group

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