GTE Financial positions itself for future growth and scalability.

GTE Financial selected Optimal Blue’s Enterprise Secondary Marketing Solution based on price, products and services, and reputation. Optimal Blue was the best fit for the credit union, given GTE’s simultaneous selection of a new mortgage LOS. Devereaux stated, “It was a natural decision to go with Optimal Blue. It was a strong fit, had unique capabilities to support our entire secondary marketing operations and provided excellent integration to our new LOS. It was the logical choice.”

Management completed a financial analysis clearly showing that monthly mortgage technology costs would dramatically decrease after implementing Optimal Blue and the new LOS. Management was convinced that the credit union would receive great value for its investment. Devereaux explained, “As our needs grew, we wanted more precision, more efficiency and better tools. We considered a few secondary marketing options, but Optimal Blue was the industry standard. Its strong value proposition justified our investment. Overall technology expenses dropped by 45%.”

The implementation of Optimal Blue’s product and pricing engine and secondary services was done in conjunction with the new LOS implementation, and was completed faster than anticipated and was a very positive experience. Devereaux said, “We experienced a very positive implementation process and excellent results when we went live. At the 11th hour, we had to notify our account manager that several major, unexpected, last minute changes were needed. She was a tremendous help and completed the changes under a very tight timeframe. Everything worked just the way we had set it up. Optimal Blue’s support was fantastic.”