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OriginatorPlus, from Optimal Blue, is a broker’s best friend. We have the tools to help you drive new revenue opportunities and better manage today’s complex origination process. Our consumer engagement solutions include a eQuoting, rate alerts, QuickSearch mobile and more. Now you can be on the forefront of using technologies to be more competitive, efficient and profitable.

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Email Pricing Campaigns

Real Time MBS Monitoring

Powered by Mortgage Coach's RateWatch, this feature showcases Mortgage-Backed Securities Data & Charts!

Maximize income from your pipeline.
Convey a greater level of expertise to clients as an industry expert.
React to the mortgage-backed securities in real time.

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Access to the largest number of wholesale investors in the mortgage industry.
Allows Loan Originators to deliver best execution scenarios and the most competitive offerings.
Access to email marketing with dynamic rate content, specific to each borrower’s scenario.
eQuoting through sites such as Zillow, BankRate and LendingTree.

Over $250 Billion in mortgage volume runs through the Optimal Blue platform annually.
Get access to over 180 wholesale and correspondent investors.