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Community Bank Services

Community Banks serve the needs of local homebuyers.  Optimal Blue serves the needs of Community Banks throughout the entire United States.  We have the tools to help you meet the diverse mortgage lending needs within your local economy.  From consumer engagement to Fair Lending, Optimal Blue offers Community Banks a continuum of Enterprise Lending Services that will make you more competitive and compliant.


Compete using the power of mobile.

In order to compete with big banks targeting your millennial homebuyers, you need QuickSearch, a mobile app that allows your originators to perform real-time pricing scenarios for your borrowers at any time, anywhere.


Compliance underscores everything we do.

Optimal Blue Advantage is the only real-time Fair Lending tool that alerts you to potential issues at the time of lock and beyond – not after the loan closes – so you can take corrective measures before problems become permanent violations. It also gives you a clear picture of potentially underserved areas within your community.

Over $250 Billion in mortgage volume runs through the Optimal Blue platform annually.