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Workflow Automation Delivers Efficiency & Profitability

Optimal Blue Banker, the mortgage industry’s largest Product and Pricing Engine, provides lenders with improved workflow efficiencies delivered through strategic pricing, distribution and workflow tools. Optimal Blue Banker can be tailored to fit virtually any lender’s business model. We have tools such as dynamic mark-ups, private label or custom products, loan originator compensation and other features to drive efficiencies and profitability.

Our Product and Pricing Engine service’s marquee feature – Premium Services – is a technology breakthrough that gives lenders the power to research and compare loan scenarios for any attribute of a locked loan at any time in that loan’s history. It has the added benefit of automating one of the most time consuming tasks a lender faces – the relock process.

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We couldn’t run our business without Optimal Blue Banker. The process automation and additional profitability controls Optimal Blue offers are a major contributor to our success. It is also a very important recruiting tool.

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1 in 4 new mortgages are priced using Optimal Blue’s Enterprise Lending Services.