DAILY MORTGAGE RATES  (March 01, 2024) — Powered by OBMMI™

30-Yr. Conforming

6.845% -0.040

30-Yr. Jumbo

7.223% -0.124

30-Yr. FHA

6.675% +0.020

30-Yr. VA

6.450% -0.050

30-Yr. USDA

6.557% -0.209

15-Yr. Conforming

6.268% -0.076


ACUMA On-the-Go: “Leveraging a Centralized Pricing Engine—How It Can Help Credit Unions Attract and Retain Borrowers”

22 min Featuring Mike Vough, Director Black Knight and John Dumonsau, Sales Solutions Specialist – Product and Pricing Engine, Black Knight

This episode explores how a product and pricing engine can improve member retention and enhance a credit union’s profitability.