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Black Knight Launches Webhooks Automation Component for Its Optimal Blue API Platform, Adds Event-Based Push Delivery of Real-Time Transactional Data

• API webhooks are the next functional component of Black Knight’s already advanced Optimal Blue API platform

• Webhooks publish event-based notifications directly to a subscriber, delivering real-time transactional data

• The API webhooks automation platform will initially feature two components: documentation and a self-serve configuration dashboard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jan. 4, 2021 – Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI), a leading provider of integrated software, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries, recently announced the launch of a new webhooks component for its Optimal Blue application programming interface (API) platform. This highly anticipated launch is another step forward in the company’s ongoing commitment to an API-first strategy that boosts lender efficiencies and workflow automation by providing real-time access to advanced secondary marketing capabilities throughout the mortgage loan process. 

Accessible via the Optimal Blue API Developer Portal, API webhooks publish event-based notifications directly to a subscriber, providing a simple way to deliver real-time data about transactions that take place within Black Knight’s Optimal Blue platform. While APIs have historically included a request followed by a response, no request is required for a webhook. Rather, API webhooks will intuitively deliver the data when it becomes available—saving valuable time and effort. This level of automation is highly advantageous to lenders, providing real-time notifications on lock requests, concessions, extensions, profile and product changes, relocks and more. 

“Our expanding universe of APIs is essential to our continuous innovation,” explained Scott Happ, president, Black Knight Secondary Marketing Technologies. “The new webhooks component of our Optimal Blue API platform is the next step, saving our clients valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to request data. Webhooks take automation one step further and deliver up-to-date, relevant details directly to the user.” 

The initial launch features two components: documentation and a self-serve configuration dashboard. The documentation page provides details about all events available for subscription, with the corresponding business definition and the complete schema payload for each event. The self-serve dashboard can be configured based on a client’s personal preferences and can maintain specific notification URLs. 

About Black Knight
Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) is an award-winning software, data and analytics company that drives innovation in the mortgage lending and servicing and real estate industries, as well as the capital and secondary markets. Businesses leverage our robust, integrated solutions across the entire homeownership life cycle to help retain existing customers, gain new customers, mitigate risk and operate more effectively. 

Our clients rely on our proven, comprehensive, scalable products and our unwavering commitment to delivering superior client support to achieve their strategic goals and better serve their customers. For more information on Black Knight, please visit www.blackknightinc.com.