Neutralize risk and maximize profits with these powerful tools.

  • Mortgage Pipeline Risk Management – Secondary Services’ Pipeline Risk Management system is the only fully web-based, real-time hedging management platform. It provides mortgage originators with the ability to identify data errors and manage their position anywhere they can access the web. Automating the secondary marketing workflow and infusing Optimal Blue’s accurate and current investor content into the hedge management process enables accurate market valuations and fosters the ability identify and resolve pipeline leakage. Optimal Blue Secondary Services delivers unparalleled access to performance reporting and analytics that can help neutralize risk and maximize profits.
  • Pipeline Purification – Secondary Services’ powerful data verification system scrubs all pipeline data each time it is introduced into the system, to identify logical and eligibility errors before they become costly problems. This enables originators to make consistently accurate decisions and maximize secondary marketing revenue.
  • Best Execution and Loan Slotting – Secondary Services’ best execution and loan allocation optimization tools deliver powerful functionalities and efficiencies that give mortgage bankers the ability to maximize their performance on the secondary market. And it’s all in a single platform! The technology puts mortgage bankers in control by converging market data, investor pricing, product eligibility information, customer pipeline information and commitment analytics. Optimize best execution, fill trades that have already been assigned, and compare best efforts execution – whatever lenders need to do, this tool creates an efficiency that can help them improve their performance and build their business.