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30-Yr. Conforming

6.877% +0.008

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7.102% +0.060

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6.732% +0.071

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6.433% +0.001

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15-Yr. Conforming

6.258% +0.043


HomeScout Integrates with Optimal Blue’s Real-Time Pricing API to Improve the Home Shopping Experience

Optimal Blue, the leading secondary marketing automation platform in the mortgage industry, announced today the integration certification of the HomeScout National MLS Platform, the only national home search platform with 100% MLS listings created specifically for innovative lenders to better serve their consumers. The integration enables mutual clients to create their own leads directly with consumers, convert borrowers earlier in the process than traditionally possible, and generate referrals for their real estate partners by bringing the home and mortgage shopping experiences together through a highly innovative platform.

The proprietary HomeScout technology platform, provided by NexGen HBM, gives potential borrowers access to complete MLS inventories of property listings across the country and provides innovative tools to assist them throughout the homebuying process. By integrating Optimal Blue’s Scenario Pricing API, HomeScout now allows consumers to immediately view accurate mortgage pricing that is custom-tailored to their individual financial scenario and the home they are interested in. Directly connecting property listings to the highly sophisticated product and pricing strategies of Optimal Blue clients in real time, HomeScout eliminates the concerns home shoppers have had with generic advertised rates or inaccurate mortgage pricing displayed on websites, and their information isn’t sold to other lenders and real estate agents.

“While many home search websites include simple mortgage calculators with rate estimates, the ability to provide borrower-specific, accurate, and compliant pricing paints a realistic picture of affordability and improves the consumer experience,” explained Greg Bollinger, Business Development Manager at NexGen HBM. “By precisely answering a shopper’s first question on payment terms, HomeScout lenders develop trust and improve the conversion from engaged shopper to committed borrower.”

In a highly competitive purchase market where parts of the country are experiencing all-time lows with property inventory, home purchase transactions move quickly. Today’s innovative lenders are introducing new lead strategies to win business and turning to innovative technology to connect them with new and qualified borrowers earlier in the homebuying process. They’ve turned to HomeScout and Optimal Blue to connect with consumers and leverage the tools they need to compete in the new reality.

“The Optimal Blue ecosystem is engineered to deliver high value benefits to our originator clients that gives them an advantage when it comes to driving purchase loan business,” said Chazz Huston, Strategic Alliances Manager at Optimal Blue. “Our partnership with NexGen HBM and its HomeScout National MLS Platform delivers the pricing transparency that borrowers want, at the time they most want it, while simultaneously bringing innovation to greatly enhance the way loan officers generate leads.”

NexGen HBM is full-service technology and business development company on a mission to help lenders create business at the intersection of real estate, lending, agents and consumers in one, fully integrated real estate platform – HomeScout. NexGen HBM is a thought leader in the development of lender-centric, consumer-facing technologies that are proven to help lenders build their business starting with lead generation through buyer engagement and retention.


Robert J. Brandt
Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Alliances
(469) 609-5585